Your Digital Identity

Before doing business or even meeting with someone,  you search them online. If you don’t do this already, trust that customers and potential employees are doing it to you. It is important to understand what your public digital identity says about you. With the right guidance, you are able to exert influence on how it is shaped. A positive identity creates a positive brand for both the individual and their company. A negative or risky identity can tarnish those reputations.

The Human Element of Cyber Security

The leading cause of company breaches is hacking via phishing schemes, specifically Spear Phishing. Spear Phishing is a targeted attack at a company employee that leverages personal information to gain trust. Hackers have found a treasure trove of personal information online that they use to draw upon for their attacks. By securing this information, you help safeguard your company against this type of attack, which typically cannot be prevented by software. In this instance, knowledge is power.

Identify risk

Learn about how and where personal data is accessed. Seminars are designed for the specific needs of your business, tailored to your employee profiles, corporate policy, and insights about your buyer.

Protect privacy

Your employee's online privacy is important to your bottom line. Protect your company and your employees from the hidden harms in online presence with proactive risk assessments.

Build trust

Your employees are online all the time – and the line between work life and personal life is blurred. These activities have a strong influence on your business outcomes.


Assessments & workshops

DigitalIdentity.Work's team of online identity experts are available to run strategic assessments and workshops for your business, identifying the hidden harms in your employee's online presence and providing recommendations that mitigate risk.


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